DriverCare – Risk & Safety Insights

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Duty of care and Corporate Social Responsibility are key issues in business.

As such, creating a culture of safety is a topic that is high on the agenda for fleet owners. Driver care can significantly reduce your fleet costs.

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Consider these factors:

  • 1 out of 3 accidents are caused by inappropriate speed
  • Speed has a substantial impact on safety and the severity of an accident
  • In 2018, the amount fatalities in traffic is on the rise again. Specialists say this is probably due to distracted driving and smartphones
  • One out of three work accidents are traffic accidents
  • In recent years there has been an increase in accidents due to smartphone use and distraction
  • Perception that drivers of company cars have another driving behaviour

Up to 40% of work-related deaths are cause by road collisions and yet many organisations do not have a driver care policy integrated into their fleet policy.


Our driver care programme starts with the organisation first. The culture and setup needs to be understood to see how company expectations affect driver safety.

The solution is getting insights in the risk profile of your drivers and install a bespoke safety programme that can be composed out of the following elements:

  • General communication campaigns to highlight the importance of Safety in the company’s culture and to create general awareness on driver safety
  • Individual communication to drivers providing them insights in their incident statistics, the related cost and company benchmark as well as insights in fuel statistics, related extra cost and impact for the company
  • A smartphone application to coach the driver on improvement areas of his driving behaviour and impact on the driver safety
  • An on-line training to train the driver on the improvement areas identified based on the analysis of driver skills needed for good driving
  • Any extra safety measures taken by the company such as but not limited to behind the wheel training, etc.


The result of a driver safety program is the establishment of a safety culture, a driver awareness of driver safety, a reduction of accident statistics and fuel reductions.

It contributes to the well-being of employees and reduces (insurance and accident) costs for the company. It adds to the employer branding of the company and provides added actions on CSR.

We will be indicating indicating the risk profiles, the savings potential, business case and the road map for the set-up of a driver safety program.

Additional information

The Process

After ordering your contract review, you will be contacted for an intake call. Fleet360 will provide you an overview of data needed to analyse the risk profiles and fuel statistics. We analyse the history of your fleet activity to identify trends of driver accident rates, and fuel usage. The end result will be a tangible report. A debrief call will finalise the process.