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Fleet Insurance premiums are on the rise and for most companies it is not clear as to why this is the case.
These increases are not exclusively faced by fleets with a poor claims history. Premium rises are also affecting companies with excellent claims history.

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So, what are the underlying drivers for the increase and what mitigating measures can you take?

Capital requirements

The immediate trigger for the premium increases were the Solvency 2 regulations. Solvency2 is the insurance equivalent of Basel2 and require insurers to maintain 50%-100% more capital in low yield assets. To maintain return on equity, premiums must therefore increase or the motor insurance business line should be reduced (withdraw from market segments with long tail exposures and enter business lines with less risk and therefore less capital requirements.

Costs of bodily injury

Human life expectancy is increasing and therefore costs increase in case a person needs lifelong care and support due to a car accident related injury. Medical science is more advanced, providing more treatment options which also increases the costs of bodily injury claims.

More complicated car technology

With alternative power trains and more advanced in-vehicle technology, the cost of spare parts are increasing. The costs of equipment to perform repairs and finally the cost of labour has also increased. Partly due to training and expertise requirements that are very specific to individual makes and models.


Our DNA of transparency runs through our Fleet Insurance product. Being truly independent, we benchmark your current terms and conditions, your claims cost and accident statistics to uncover where significant savings can be made.


We have developed our Insurance Insights to provide transparency in your current insurance spent

We will be indicating the risk profiles, the optimisation potential, business case and the road map for an optimised set-up of your fleet insurance.

Additional information

The Process

After ordering your contract review, you will be contacted for an intake call. Fleet360 will provide you an overview of data needed to analyse the risk profiles and get insights in your insurance spent. We benchmark your current terms and conditions, your claims cost and accident statistics. The end result will be a report A debrief call will finalise the process.