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Are you getting the best out of your supplier contracts?
We can help you to review existing contracts and provide support to align your organisation current best practices.

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  • Are your contractual arrangements with your fleet management and leasing providers in line with the latest market best-practices?
  • What elements in the contract are missing to secure consistent and transparent pricing levels?
  • Based on your purchasing leverage, have you been granted a fair set of terms and conditions?
  • Have you embedded service level and price level agreements that meet your requirements?
  • Did you cover all mandatory regulations on the international GDPR regulations?
  • Does your international agreement support solid transfer from internationals terms and conditions to the local execution?


Our legal counsel offers a unique combination of in-depth international legal expertise while applying a thorough know-how and experience on integrating mandatory corporate general standard terms and conditions. As these general terms and conditions are typically designed to cover all sourcing and supplier relationships, it is challenging to integrate them with your fleet management and leasing supply chain.

As GDPR has become a very visible element in these arrangements, we come across frequent mis-perception or interpretation with an uneven ship in obligations and responsibilities towards you the customer.


Based on the documents you will provide us with, we will review the applicable agreements and create a report to highlight and expand on:

  • areas of improvement,
  • identified omissions,
  • potential risk areas,
  • overall document structure and hierarchy
  • applicable GDPR roles, responsibilities and mandatory processes



Additional information

The Process

After ordering your contract review, you will be contacted for an intake call, Fleet360 will review your international agreements and provide you with a report highlighting the above results. A debrief call will finalise the process.