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Are you getting the best out of your international policy framework?

We can help you to review existing policies and provide support to align your organisation with current best practices.

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    Does your fleet policy build the main framework for fleet operators to manage both the international and local requirements? Does the structure provide the required hierarchy?
  • TCO
    Does your fleet policy deliver on the total cost of ownership targets?
  • CSR
    Do you combine targets for sustainability, health and safety, operational process, driver wellbeing, legislation and tax related topics?
    Is your policy designed to handle the needs and priorities of the various stakeholders in your business for the future?


Our Fleet Policy program helps those responsible for fleet to build an international policy and setting up a framework with a national appendices structure. We will check for completeness and a detailed benchmark of current regulations versus market standards.

Our multi-dimensional assessment includes the various aspects typically regulated in a policy both on an international level.

Using our business intelligence information opportunities are presented, which derive from the detailed comparison to typical market.


  • Detailed review of your existing car policy agreements international level
  • Redesign of your customised international car policy along your business individual priority setting
  • Outcome presentation highlighting areas of improvement by mapping the status-quo versus an opportunity radar reflecting market practices
  • Conversion of the findings into a fully redesigned car policy document

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The Process

After ordering your policy review, you will be contacted for an intake call and the uploading of the applicable documents through a secure link. Fleet360 will review your international agreements and provide you with a report highlighting the above results. A debrief call will finalise the process.