Strategy – Powertrain Insights

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The road map to a robust sustainable future fleet STRATEGY with a correct power train mix aligned with the company’s core values.

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  • New initiatives
    Are you being tasked with delivering a future fleet policy?
  • Targets
    Are you faced with implementing cost savings reductions whilst having to comply with CSR targets set ?
  • Trends
    Do you fully understand the trends of alternative powertrains, their limits and impact on the TCO of your fleet?
  • Comparison
    Do you know what a sustainable fleet set-up should look like?


Our Powertrain Insights allows those responsible for fleet to gain an external, ‘un-biased’ review of its fleet setup. Our team of fleet experts will compare current structures and terms using the background of Fleet360’s business intelligence information.

We will provide insights on the impact of TCO when changing the power train mix in a conservative, moderate and ambitious scenario.


  • Creation of transparency through data mapping of the current fleet set-up
  • Introduction of Fleet360 tools to simulate 3 power train scenarios
  • Quantification and qualification of impact on TCO including tax effects
  • CO2-emissions reduction results.

Additional information

The Process

After ordering your contract review, you will be contacted for an intake call. Fleet360 will provide you an overview of data needed for the power train analysis. We will introduce the data in our power train tools and perform some scenario rendering. The end-result will be a report as tangible output. A debrief call will finalise the process.