Academy for clients

The fleet market is continually evolving and in recent years the pace has increased as companies of all sizes try to work out what is best for them. The role of the traditional fleet manager has changed significantly to the point where this function is on the decline. Our fleet academy can help you out.
Fleet Academy
Academy training for clients, Manufacturers and Leasing Companies.

Who owns fleet?

The fleet management role has now migrated to procurement, finance and, particularly, operations departments. In some cases, HR will have control or influence. Managing vehicles requires understanding of complex factors, including legislation on health and safety, taxation as well as best practice on running costs.

The change can be part of cost cutting exercises or in a bid to outsource the admin burden of fleet management. The question is about where fleet responsibility should sit and who in the organisation is best qualified to take on fleet.

Whoever owns fleet, our aim is to ensure that person has the knowledge and training to execute the strategy

The crucial part is getting the fleet policy and roadmap right. It is critical to fleet effectiveness and operating costs. There is arguably a need for a single point of in-house authority as not all 3rd parties or suppliers will be on the same page as the strategy. The transparency of suppliers will also come into question if too much control is given over to a full outsourcing strategy.

In our experience, a highly trained professional could cut the cost of running vehicles by 15 per cent.

Our programmes are aimed at administrators and managers who have the responsibility, but not necessarily the experience, of running a fleet. In addition, they provide a refresher for fleet professionals who require an update on legislation, best practice and developments in managing a fleet of vehicles.

Solutions you need

Whatever setup is selected for your company, it is a necessity to have a full understanding of the fleet strategy. Once a roadmap is developed from our Strategy overview, the implementation is key to ensure an effective rollout.

Academy for OEMs &distribution channels

The fleet industry is complex with many factors that contribute to the need for highly trained staff. Most OEMs and Dealer Groups acknowledge that effective training is essential for their business model.

training for dealers
Gain the knowledge for the ever changing fleet industry

Client expectations are high

During our negotiations it is normal to work with OEM’s and Leasing Companies in supplier negotiations. We have seen hundreds of pitches and many ways of presenting the USP’s of these potential suppliers.

Some are great, others can be improved.This is where our Academy can help. Client expectations are high and every minute counts when you are presenting your solutions.With our insights into this process, we have identified what works and what doesn’t.

The ideal delegate would be:

  • Sales / Account Managers (Local or International)
  • New Business Development Managers

Typical topics that we cover:

  • Client expectations
  • Who is the decision maker?
  • Fleet Strategy and its key elements
  • The move to mobility solutions
  • The tendering process
  • The fleet landscape and changing legislation
  • Representing your business
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