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With over 30 years of fleet experience behind us, we know how the fleet industry ticks! Our framework adapts and evolves to your needs across local or global markets.


Focusing in on industry best practice we will discover how well your fleet is performing. We will then identify any gaps that may exist in order to achieve competitive advantage.


A new strategy is nothing without sustainability. Our process ensures a reliable, replicable and measurable outcome that stands up to third party scruitiny.

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We have high expectations when we take on a project and it is part of our DNA to deliver the results you would expect. Whatever your next project, put us to the test just like these companies have and see how we can reduce your fleet costs.

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We are truly making a difference for our clients. Our insights create the transparency you deserve.

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zeekr 001 with 1000km range
Electric Vehicles

Zeekr 001 to have 1000km range

We recently wrote about the rise of the Chinese brands and how they are slowly entering the EU market. Not only are they entering


Let’s connect and we’ll show you how our experience and analytical mindset can transform your fleet policy.

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Numbers are great but they don’t tell the full story. Get in touch for chat and we’ll explain what we do in more detail and how our insights into OEM and Leasing Companies provides the transparency you need.