Build a best practice fleet policy for the future

We focus in on Board expectations and challenges that surround fleet strategy:

  • Company car and mobility: current and future set-up to create a number one organisation
  • Saving programme feasibility studies
  • Business cases and change management assessments
  • Benchmarking and market peer comparison
  • SWOT analysis
  • Out of the box conceptual thinking

Implementation: What issue does it address?

They must control costs, monitor supplier relationships, track accident and insurance cost and ensure that drivers are happy but even so fully aware, trained and compliant.

Not only that, but they also have to future proof the fleet and keep up to date with market trends and legislation changes that may not just be local. Furthermore, providing input and support on maintaining an attractive policy to hire and retain the best staff available in their industry.

These issues are now Board Level discussion that are high on the agenda due to compliancy issues, risk and CSR. But an optimised fleet can mean various things to the people you ask.

The fleet arena has changed hugely over the last few years. As a fleet manager or someone responsible for fleet, you are responsible for delivering an optimised fleet strategy. But what is an optimised fleet and how do you achieve it?

Hans Damen – Managing Partner

This control translates into an efficient fleet that works for the business and the drivers.

We uncover true transparency within your supplier chain and uncover the detail you deserve to know. Our strategic review will help you understand area such as:
  • Mobility solutions and where it is going
  • Is your current funding solution the right one?
  • How to control fleet costs
  • Delivering sustainable savings
  • Understanding legislation change and impact eg. IFRS
  • What your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) really is
  • How to manage driver risk
  • CSR and how fleet initiatives can help your scoring
  • WLTP (what impact has the new test procedure on your fleet cost?

You talk, we listen

We are good listeners and can challenge your ideas against market trends and peer thinking. We will the provide the roadmap of fleet success aligned to your business strategy.

This is then implemented within your business to ensure that the strategy is fully understood and executed to internal teams and external suppliers to deliver sustainable results.

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