Calculate the benefit for your fleet

To determine how much you can save on your fleet’s motor insurance, we have developed the Potential Assessment. A new, unique method that gives a quick and comprehensive insight into the financial potential of your motor insurance. Even with smaller fleets the Potential Assessment can already be very cost effective. We have identified for our clients a potential of on average €100, – per vehicle per year.

The Potential Assessment supports you as fleet owner in providing insight into the ‘ best in class’ methodologies in the area of claims management and risk analysis and its translation into concrete financial benefits. During the Potential Assessment, we compare the vehicle fleet profile, insurance structure, premiums and claims with a representative market benchmark. On this basis, an estimate of the financial result for your fleet is estimated.

10 good reasons for a Potential Assessment:

  1. We identify potential savings for our customers averaging over €100, – per vehicle per year.
  2. Commercial fleets are an attractive risk to an insurer and therefore provides an opportunity for the fleet owner
  3. Experience shows that the ‘ traditional premium only’ approach does not fully exploited all the opportunities.
  4. It is expected that the insurance premiums continue to rise.
  5. Commercial fleet insurance is an important source of income for many insurers.
  6. The leasing industry, a traditional provider of motor insurance, is increasingly competitive.
  7. The risk profile is changing rapidly (restrictions to catalogue price due to car policy-and fiscal changes, increase of hybrid –and electric vehicles) and the Fleet Insurance Potential Assessment assists the fleet owner in translating these changes to the insurance terms and conditions
  8. We offer a new approach that makes clear what financial saving can be reached within a short time
  9. The Potential Assessment utilises a market benchmark of more than 3 million vehicles, so very representative .
  10. The Potential Assessment not only provides insight into financial savings but also provides recommendations regarding qualitative improvements.
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