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Improving driver training

Training your drivers towards a better and safer driver behaviour will indeed result in a safer and more ecological way of driving. By giving your driver e-training which they can take wherever and whenever they are ready for it, there is no loss of productivity. 

Your employee working location is unaffected, representing cost savings compared to other types of training.

Individual learning plans

Modular lessons delivered to the needs of driver based on analysed data.

Modules for success

The different possibilities of our E-learning solutions can be combined, offering a complete training traject. With 48 different modules, eco-driving and defensive training can be customized upon your needs through sessions of 6 or 12 modules. The choice of the modules can be based on an analysis of your damage statistics and causes for accidents or simply based upon your company objectives.

What is it for ?

  1. e-training in eco-driving will result in a more ecological style of driving that will lead to a reduction in fuel consumptione
  2. e-training in defensive driving will result in a more responsible driving behaviour, improved damage statistics and lower insurance premiums.

Advantages for your company

  • When drivers apply the eco-driving basic recommendations the cost of fuel consumption will decrease and CO2 emissions will be reduced
  • Defensive driving training results in a more relaxed driving behaviour and as a result, less accidents, which will have an impact on direct (e.g. costs of reparation, insurance premium) and indirect costs (e.g. absenteeism of employees) resulting in savings
  • Offering eco-driving and defensive driving training that match the CSR expectations
  • E-Learning is a very effective and efficient method of online training which can be started and completed whenever it suits the participant best.
  • Extra costs incurred as a result of non-productive time, travel time etc. are reduced to a minimum. Cost effectiveness is ensured.

A large chemical company managed to reduce their accident rate from 7.0 per million miles to just 1 thanks to the driver safety program.

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