Make sense of your fleet data with 'Insights'

Insights lets you take control

From the same architects that introduced the first global fleet reporting platform ‘FleetCube’ in 2010, their fully upgraded reporting platform “Insights”  is providing market leading multi-vendor data integration. With over a decade of experience while successfully meeting the demanding global companies requirements and gaining their trust and confidence, with a truly independent technology solutions platform.

Multi country

Generate a holistic view on all aspects of your fleet requirements throughout all disciplines of your business.

Multi entity

Procurement, HR, Finance, CSR, Health & Safety as well as Fleet Management. Each discipline will find what they need to capture, monitor and strategise their individual KPI’s and supporting global strategies.

Multi vendor

Compare across all vendors and markets to fully assess the changing patterns across your fleet. 

You need 'Insights'


Your custom summary dashboards displaying what you need when you need it.


Track and view your balance sheet reporting metrics for your fleet.

Fleet Inventory

View detailed fleet metrics across countries and divisions and compare suppliers.


Integrate with Telematics data to view driver behaviour and trips over time.

Greenhouse Gas Reporting

Track your fleet CO2 KT output and see fleet powertrain use.


Compare sole supply relationships with market index and averages over time.

An informed fleet stategy

Designed to help global companies manage their fleet strategies more effectively, Insights helps decision-makers improve Total Cost of Ownership control and fleet optimisation. Moreover, the highly reputable Fleet360 team works with clients to draw strategic conclusions from the information and offer improved policy recommendations.

Operational performance metrics and consolidated fleet data on a truly independent and neutral platform help our clients manage their fleets on a global scale.

We’re excited to help clients gain control over their own data, to help them generate meaningful Insights and facilitate optimal decision making.

Hans Damen – Managing Partner

Take a look at Insights

“Insights” in its own right is extremely valuable for the international fleet decision maker. In a marketplace where globalisation is more and more apparent, understanding where your fleet is in meeting your KPI’s becomes more complex with multiple suppliers, supply chains, regions, countries, divisions and legal entities. We know your data is scattered to say the least but we have what you need to regain control.

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