Fleet Analytics

Data is King! But, sometimes there is too much. You have drivers and suppliers creating huge amounts of fleet analytics. Does it all make sense?

Fleet Analytics
Gain control of your local or international fleet

Consider 1 driver on 1 day.

Their driving behaviour has a huge impact on fleet cost. But how do you consolidate and make sense of data such as.

Mileage covered
Known value but difficult to capture daily
Time driven
Unknown value
Driving behaviour
Linked to fuel card where possible
Accident rate
Known - how to compare?
CO2, NOX, SOX production
And how do you analyse fleet analytics across multiple suppliers and countries?

Now consider your suppliers.

Your choice of funding strategy including the number of OEMs, Leasing Co’s and bundled services all contribute to a complex data set. Do you truly know what is normal and best practice for you sector?

The key issue is how to interpret the fleet analytics you have access to. The goal is to turn data into information, and information into insight.

We know how to make sense of it all and to ensure the data you have is useful and not just an admin burden.

Solutions you need

Whatever setup is selected for your company, it is a necessity to have a full understanding of the fleet strategy. Once a roadmap is developed from our Strategy overview, the implementation is key to ensure an effective rollout.

We turn your data from any source into transparent information and instantly highlight any trends be that on a local or international level.

We help you to understand the information, put it in perspective of market best practices and trends so it can be used to inform and inspire those in a position to make a difference.

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