Mobility budget

Full flexibility for your employees

Offering your employees full flexibility in fulfilling their personal mobility needs is key. It starts with a mobility budget.

In recent years, the concept of mobility budgets has gained popularity as a means of managing transportation costs and promoting sustainable transportation practices. Mobility budgets are allocated by employers to their employees for transportation expenses, and can cover various modes of transportation such as public transportation, car-sharing services, and bicycles. This approach has proven to be an effective way of reducing transportation costs while also promoting sustainable mobility practices.

TCO is a key aspect for Mobility Budgets.

A recent webinar with Bart Vanham goes into more detail here:

In the context of fleet management, mobility budgets are becoming an increasingly important tool for companies looking to optimise their transportation costs and improve the sustainability of their operations.

In our experience, employees are highly grateful for a mobility budget that per definition will meet their personal requirements!

Bart Vanham – Managing Partner

Aiming for financial neutrality

We help you to determine a financial neutral mobility budget on the basis of a TCO approach.

Our analysis includes the taxation effects of the different mobility solutions offered, or as in Belgium a special tax regime for the mobility budget.

We have knowledge of publicly available mobility solutions to make your journey easier from a management perspective providing you insights in mobility spend and follow up.

Mobility Budgets
We can show you how to achieve balance and neutrality in your Mobility Budgets

We have been busy with mobility implementations...

Mobility has become the new buzzword for fleet managers. Give us a call to discuss how our approach adds the value you need to create the ultimate mobility value for your company and your employees.

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