Fleet Electrification of your fleet

Fleet Electrification

The main focus for fleet mangers

Start planning for the inevitable changes ahead. Increased EV demand will start to affect your EV transition.

Fleet360 will help you to determine the best electrification strategy for your company. We start by mapping the mobility profiles of your employees to assess the potential number of employees that can drive electric in full comfort

This will also include home charging possibilities, and to detect any concerns or boundaries your employees may voice.

TCO is a key aspect for Mobility Budgets.

A recent webinar with Bart Vanham goes into more detail here:

Many drivers can make an EV work for them now without making changes or sacrifices. Changing to an EV is about changing your mindset.

Bart Vanham – Managing Partner

Using the EV potential

This method can be used to calculate your future fleet TCO, including taxation cost or incentives, compared to the current fleet TCO.

This transparency will help us to determine a change management strategy in electrification from a:

  • Financial perspective – what extra investment may be needed?
  • Procurement perspective – OEM strategy, mileage and duration of contracts and if your current leasing partner is still the best partner in new strategy? 
  • An HR perspective – information sessions, communication

Are you ready?

We have been busy with EV implementations...

Our experience Globally & Belgium (being one of the front runner countries for electrification due to its taxation stimuli)  can help your organisation internationally to determine a solid electrification strategy and road map taking into account country specifics in terms of taxation, electrification maturity, culture & availability.

Fleet Electrification for SMEs


How to avoid a 600% tax cost rise. Without action, you will see an increase in the following years for non zero emission vehicles. Download our PDF below:

Fleet Electrification Chart


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Further reading

Fleet electrification is a quick moving topic. Here are some recent highlights that provide more background for you

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