Partner Profiles

Fleet360 is the result of over 30 years of experience in the fleet industry. Founded by Hans Damen and Bart Vanham, it’s truly independent setup offers you and your company insights and transparency resulting in an efficient fleet strategy.

hans damen photo

Hans Damen

30 years experience in Fleet as CEO of Fleet Synergy (now Athlon Car Lease International). Founded FleetVision (2008), TCOPlus (2010) and partner in Fleet&DriverCare (2014)

Bart Vanham

25 years in the Automotive and Fleet sector, 16 years with PwC responsible for Tax Automotive Network, involved internationally with the IFG, the IFMI, responsible for publications in Fleet Europe, Fleet World International etc. Founded Fleet&DriverCare (2009), TCOPlus (2010) and Cars4Publicity (2012)

Some recent clients

We are truly making a difference for our clients. Our insights create the transparency you deserve.
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