Why you need a driver safety programme…

The 10 relevant questions to evaluate your need for a tailor-made driver safety programme for your company car drivers (and even the other employees with their own car). Here is a simple YES or NO exercise…

driver safety programme
Do you know the true costs of driver behaviour?

Do you that...

  • Question #1
    Does driver behaviour in traffic have an impact on fuel consumption and number of accidents?
  • Question #2
    Will improved driver behaviour have an impact on the cost (TCO) of your fleet?
  • Question #3
    Do efforts to improve driver behaviour belong to your Corporate Social Responsibility team?
  • Question #4
    Is there is a possibility to improve on the fuel consumption of your drivers in general?
  • Question #5
    Can your drivers become more qualified with support or training?
  • Question #6
    Is it fair to say that there is no driver safety culture in place
  • Question #7
    Are your drivers NOT sufficiently aware of the impact of their own driving style?
  • Question #8
    Do you struggle to find the time or resource to develop and launch an integrated safety campaign?
  • Question #9
    The behaviour of your drivers does NOT improve by only asking them to do so?
  • Question #10
    Will safety on the road become a more important issue in the future?

How did you do?

Did you answer ‘Yes’ to more than 5 of the questions?

If you did then we can show you how our menu of safety services can help you reduce the number and severity of accidents while steering and managing driving behaviour into a safer and more ecological direction, with proven results.

Our affordable, easily integrated strategy with a quantitative and qualitative focus can allow companies to realise savings of more than 20% on fleet costs.

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