A new phase of Electric Vehicle production outlined by Gartner

Battery Pack production to be improved for electric vehicles

According to Gartner, automakers will continue to battle with alterations caused by software and electrification’s expanding roles in 2024, ushering in a new phase for electric vehicles. “New OEM incumbents want to heavily redefine the status quo in automotive,” said Pedro Pacheco, vice president of research at Gartner. “They brought new innovations that simplify production […]

New rules could see more physical controls to ensure top safety rating

Picture of touch screen in a car

Beginning in 2026, the European New Car Assessment Program (Euro NCAP) will implement new testing criteria that will require vehicles to have physical controls for basic functions such as turn signals and windshield wipers in order to receive a five-star safety rating. Touchscreens inside cars are becoming more widespread. Basic automobile physical controls are increasingly […]

FleetMeet – AI and the impact for Fleet Management

Episode #9 The new channel for fleet related chat… This new biweekly FleetMeet video series is co-produced by Automotive Fleet and Fleet360 to compare and contrast fleet trends occurring in both Europe and North America. The discussion is co-hosted by Hans Damen, managing partner of Fleet360, who is based in Europe; and Mike Antich, editor, Automotive Fleet magazine, who is based […]

European car of the year 2023

jeep avenger wins European car of the year 2023

The Jeep Avenger has officially been named the European Car of the Year 2023 at the Brussels International motor show after a judging panel comprising 57 leading motoring journalists from 23 countries cast their votes.  This is the first time that the American brand of the Stellantis group has won this prestigious trophy, which this year celebrates […]

5 vehicle features drivers want and 5 they don’t care for

When creating a vehicle choice choice for your fleet, you might start by considering the vehicle features that drivers want or need, or what falls within your budgets. However, you decide it always good to consider the latest data from manufacturers and what drivers are actually searching for when deciding on the spec of a […]

How do we reduce our reliance on Russian Diesel

Russian diesel

With recent events in Russia and sanctions coming into place from many countries, we need to look at how to transition away from diesel and more to the point Russian diesel. The focus should be on highest-mileage diesel vehicle users ie. fleets. The West’s demand for oil comes at a very high price. Russian diesel […]

Traffic congestion data highlights need for mobility solutions

traffic congestion

A new report from INRIX’s annual Global Traffic Scorecard, once again highlights the inefficiency of congestion and cost across European cities. London, Paris and Brussels lead the way and now more than ever is there a need for businesses to find alternative mobility solutions. The study reveals average speeds in the world’s most significant urban […]

EV efficiency versus ICE efficiency

EV Efficiency ICE v EV

Most drivers understand the concept of fuel efficiency in ICE (Internal Combustion Engines) vehicles. Petrol or diesel goes in, and based on driver behaviour and engine/vehicle size, the return is an l/100km or mpg value. The energy an EV requires for movement is one component of its efficiency, but it’s not the only one. EV […]

Plug-in hybrids not as good as they first appear

New research suggest that CO2 emissions from plug-in hybrid cars are as much as two-and-a-half times higher than official tests suggest. Plug-in hybrid vehicles are powered by an electric motor using a battery that is recharged by being plugged in or via an on-board petrol or diesel engine. They account for approximately 3% of new […]

Paris planning to keep cars out after Lockdown

As the city prepares to end lockdown, Mayor Anne Hidalgo plans to use bike lanes, buses, and social distancing to keep more cars off the roads and reduce pollution. Returning to a Paris dominated by cars after lockdown ends is “out of the question,” according to the city’s mayor, Anne Hidalgo. Speaking Tuesday at a special […]

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