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Quick setup guide

Thank you for your interest in CoPilot. You will soon be joining the rapidly growing number of drivers world-wide, who are committed to saving lives by practicing safer driving behaviour. Below is a quick guide to get you up and running as quickly as possible. You can also download a full PDF guide that goes into the features in more detail.

Getting started

This article is a walkthrough of CoPilot’s main functions and features for iOS and Android devices.

  • Typically you will be invited to download Fleet360 CoPilot via an email invite from your Fleet Manager
  • You can also download the app from the Google Play and iTunes app stores. Please register below to receive your company code
  • NOTE : Your invitation will contain a private 6 DIGIT code that is needed to join your Team Account. eg. WXZHHX 

Need a code? Request one now.

Download the app

  1. Open the app store on your device and enter Fleet360 CoPilot in the app search field.
  2. Click INSTALL. The app icon will appear on your device home screen.
  3. Verify the app has successfully been installed on your device.
Fleet360 CoPilot app logo

Creating your Account

You will need to create an account with valid and accurate information according to your organizations requirements.

  1. Open the app. The welcome landing screen will appear onscreen.
  2. Click the GET STARTED NOW button and enter your account information.
  3. Enter the following valid and accurate information:
    – first and last name
    – device phone number
    – valid email (the same email provided to your fleet manager)
    – password.

  4. Click the SIGN UP button to confirm.

Logging in – Score Screen

After logging into the app the Score screen will appear when the app is opened. You can check your driver behavior score here.

  1. No score to display.
    If you have created a new account, then there is no score to display. CoPilot works automatically so you can focus on the road. You do not need to start/stop the app for each drive. Simply, keep practicing safe driving habits.

  2. Score is displayed.

    After several drives, your score will automatically be calculated and displayed. It is important to note the score is being re-calculated in the background daily. However, the total score being displayed will update and change on a weekly basis.

Setting vehicle type

The Settings screen allows you to see your account information, set preferences, and submit feedback.

  1. Set your vehicle preferences. 
    If you have created a new account, complete setup by updating your preferences.
    1. Click SETTINGS to open the screen and view additional account information.
    2. Click Set vehicle class to set the vehicle preferences.

  2. Set the vehicle class.
    Your driver behavior score will be calculated differently based on vehicle class. Be sure to select the most appropriate class.

    1. Under Preferences select Set vehicle class.
    2. Select the Class 0 – Class 8 as appropriate for the vehicle you are driving.
    3. Confirm by selecting the back arrow to return to the score home screen.

Joining your Team Account

The My Fleets screen will display all fleets that you have joined. Please contact your Fleet Manager if you need a new code.

  1. Click SETTINGS in the menu bar to open the screen and view additional account information.
  2. Click My Teams to view and/or join a fleet.
  3. Enter the 6-character code you received via email invitation or directly from your fleet manager into the Enter activation code field.
  4. Click the JOIN button to confirm. All fleets associated with that code will now be displayed.
  5. All associated fleets will be displayed.

Setting on/off duty – work schedule

Important: You must set your work schedule in the app to assure that you are being scored correctly. If you stay On Duty and your work schedule is disabled then all drives will count towards your score.

  1. Click the bar that says Work Schedule is disabled underneath the toggle switch for On/Off Duty.
  2. Click the switch to toggle Use work schedule to the on position.
  3. Set your custom work schedule for each day and confirm.

Feature update:

3D FLYBY of your trips | View events and their detail on your mobile
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