Are you still concerned about battery range?

still concerned about battery range

Range anxiety – a genuine issue or born from the fear of the unknown. How far a vehicle travels on a single charge and speed of recharge is the topic of discussion around the water cooler. Other factors such as style, power and general function are clearly proven. There is, however, still concern about battery […]

Fleets are starting to press the EV switch

EV switch

The EU is gearing up to move to the next generation of driver mobility In December 2019 the European Commission (EC) announced the European Green Deal. This holistic approach towards climate action includes a roadmap for the introduction of various measures throughout 2020/2021. It states that climate change and environmental degradation are an existential threat […]

Plug-in hybrids not as good as they first appear

New research suggest that CO2 emissions from plug-in hybrid cars are as much as two-and-a-half times higher than official tests suggest. Plug-in hybrid vehicles are powered by an electric motor using a battery that is recharged by being plugged in or via an on-board petrol or diesel engine. They account for approximately 3% of new […]

Claim your 50% subsidy off our EV scans

We think about EV so you don’t have to Electric vehicles are gradually becoming a reality in the streets. They environmental and financial benefits are becoming a lot clearer as legislation changes to encourage the switch from ICE vehicles. Companies and administrators are ready for change. Previous studies have shown that approximately 65% of drivers […]

The EV tipping point has arrived

The Tesla Model 3 (as an example) is starting to show that the TCO cost of ICE v EV has hit the EV tipping point and this model in particular is starting to make waves in the corporate fleet world. When we run the numbers and show them to our clients, the fleet managers start […]

Tesla Model 3 Was #2 Best Selling Car In Europe In March 2020

The best selling car in europe is being challenged by EV. Plug-in electric cars and the Tesla Model 3, in particular, shine in recent European car sales stats. The outbreak of COVID-19 caused a 39% decrease in global new car registrations in March (to 5.55 million) and according to JATO Dynamics, Europe was actually the most affected. Stats […]

Drivers consider EV switch during Covid-19 lockdown

Government-enforced lockdowns across Europe are having a dramatic positive impact on people’s awareness of the benefits of reduced air pollution. A recent survey in the UK reveals that nearly half of drivers are now considering a switch to electric vehicles in the future. Research carried out in the UK has revealed 45% of drivers surveyed […]

EV Markets – Europe’s best and worst

If you are looking at implementing a pan-European electric vehicle policy then you are clearly on the right road. However, not all countries are ready with sufficient charging infrastructure and EV markets in general, are unsurprisingly, more mature in certain countries. A recent study has revealed a gap between the countries that are best prepared to […]

EV demand surges ahead of infrastructure

Electrification is around the corner

Public support and EV demand for electric vehicles is growing fast. But, this is putting increased pressure on the need for expanded charging infrastructure. Recent research suggests that two out of five (40%) drivers plan on choosing an electric vehicle over the next 5 years. However, some drivers are being put off due to practical […]

EV Outlook 2019 – 2040

Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) has published its annual EV outlook, providing a long-term forecast on how electrification will impact road transport from now to 2040. Here are the key takeaway points: Increasing EV sales. Sales of EVs are increasing. While only a few thousand EVs were sold in 2010, in 2018 – not even a decade […]