Your Global Fleet Data

Transparency and independence are back Apparently, we live in a connected world where all the data you need is at your finger tips. One click of a mouse button, one tap of a screen and all the information you could ever want is there. Maybe for some, but for most people, the reality is very […]

Driving risks – do you know what the five biggest are?

New research has revealed the five most common driving risks drivers face behind the wheel. The leading risk factor is unsurprisingly, driver behaviour, followed by road type, shift length, sun position and day of the week. This finding is based on telematics data covering nearly 200 million kilometres driven over the course of just 4 […]

Transport & Environment annual report summary

The European Transport & Environment Institution has just published its 2018 report. Transport is Europe’s biggest climate problem. With growing climate change and air pollution concerns, the report helps to highlight the need for a shift in vehicle policy. Below is a summary of their findings.  Transport contributes 27% to the EU’s total greenhouse gas emissions. […]

65% of all company car drivers can switch to EV 

The Fleet360 Powertrain Insights have shown that within a comfortable margin, 65% of company car drivers can switch to an EV powertrain. Now is the time to start planning your EV strategy to grab the maximum opportunity of the quickly changing marketplace. The 3 key drivers You need to consider the following 3 factors that […]

CO2 on the rise in Europe

internal combustion engine bart vanham

Average CO2 emissions from new cars in Europe went up 2.4g/km to 120.5g/km in 2018. This is the highest average of the last four years. Why is CO2 on the rise? Is it as simple as fleet drivers switching from diesel to petrol models. This analysis was carried by Jato Dynamics and covered 23 markets […]

Driver mobility and the switch to EV

rising fleet costs

Many companies are now looking at driver mobility and how to switch to EV. Indeed, the good old fashioned fleet manager is now a mobility manager in many companies tasked with the process of change. Typically, the tool of use is Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) as a method to analyse fleet cost. It is […]

Your 2019 fleet strategy

Your new fleet strategy

Big change is ahead. Time to start your planning. 2018 has shaped to be another year of change for the fleet industry. It has probably left you and your board with even more questions that you had at the start of the year. At a recent Fleet Industry event the topics being discussed were varied […]

How to carry out a fleet review in 2019

tender review

Sometimes change is needed An OEM and LeaseCo tender review can often lead to significant savings and done properly can be a better way to maintain the status quo for your drivers and people responsible for fleet. Here are a few considerations for a successful fleet review in 2019. 1. Understand your steering committee needs […]

The true value of fleet INSIGHTS

Insights from Fleet360

2018 has once again been a year of change for the fleet market. Electrification, driver mobility and rising insurance costs have all been on the agenda. Whilst at the same time, fleet cost reduction continues to be the umbrella covering most national and international fleets of all sizes. Understanding how the inner mechanics of your […]

An intelligent fleet strategy

An intelligent fleet strategy

Large business of today typically operate across many markets. As such, a one market approach operated at the local level is arguably the outdated model. With an intelligent fleet strategy, considerable cost reductions are achievable. With our insights we can show you how to benchmark your supplier setup and internal car policy. If your fleet […]