The EV tipping point has arrived

The Tesla Model 3 (as an example) is starting to show that the TCO cost of ICE v EV has hit the EV tipping point and this model in particular is starting to make waves in the corporate fleet world. When we run the numbers and show them to our clients, the fleet managers start […]

How to prepare for a better post Covid-19 mobility strategy

The future of your fleet The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the world as we know it. The overall impact is clearly unknown at this point. But what is clear is the need for fleet decision makers to plan ahead for what might be a shift in driver mobility. How do you prepare a Covid-19 mobility […]

Paris planning to keep cars out after Lockdown

As the city prepares to end lockdown, Mayor Anne Hidalgo plans to use bike lanes, buses, and social distancing to keep more cars off the roads and reduce pollution. Returning to a Paris dominated by cars after lockdown ends is “out of the question,” according to the city’s mayor, Anne Hidalgo. Speaking Tuesday at a special […]

Drivers consider EV switch during Covid-19 lockdown

Government-enforced lockdowns across Europe are having a dramatic positive impact on people’s awareness of the benefits of reduced air pollution. A recent survey in the UK reveals that nearly half of drivers are now considering a switch to electric vehicles in the future. Research carried out in the UK has revealed 45% of drivers surveyed […]

Coronavirus and the fall of CO2

We have recently reported how CO2 levels have started to rise again, due to the impact of drivers switching t to larger SUV’s. With the onset of Coronavirus, recent satellite images are showing that the levels of air pollutants and warming gases over some cities and regions are showing significant drops due to reduced travel. […]

Your Global Fleet Data

Transparency and independence are back Apparently, we live in a connected world where all the data you need is at your fingertips. One click of a mouse button, one tap of a screen and all the information you could ever want is there. Maybe for some, but for most people in international fleet related roles, […]

Driving risks – do you know what the five biggest are?

New research has revealed the five most common driving risks drivers face behind the wheel. The leading risk factor is unsurprisingly, driver behaviour, followed by road type, shift length, sun position and day of the week. This finding is based on telematics data covering nearly 200 million kilometres driven over the course of just 4 […]

Transport & Environment annual report summary

The European Transport & Environment Institution has just published its 2018 report. Transport is Europe’s biggest climate problem. With growing climate change and air pollution concerns, the report helps to highlight the need for a shift in vehicle policy. Below is a summary of their findings.  Transport contributes 27% to the EU’s total greenhouse gas emissions. […]

65% of all company car drivers can switch to EV 

The Fleet360 Powertrain Insights have shown that within a comfortable margin, 65% of company car drivers can switch to an EV powertrain. Now is the time to start planning your EV strategy to grab the maximum opportunity of the quickly changing marketplace. The 3 key drivers You need to consider the following 3 factors that […]

CO2 on the rise in Europe

internal combustion engine bart vanham

Average CO2 emissions from new cars in Europe went up 2.4g/km to 120.5g/km in 2018. This is the highest average of the last four years. Why is CO2 on the rise? Is it as simple as fleet drivers switching from diesel to petrol models. This analysis was carried by Jato Dynamics and covered 23 markets […]