EV Delivery Times – Are you ready to play the long game?

Demand for electric cars is surging across Europe and drivers hoping to make the switch are facing months of delays. Is there anything you can do to avoid these longer EV delivery times? Why are there extended EV delivery times? There are two main reasons: an order backlog that predates the Coronavirus pandemic, and the […]

How do we reduce our reliance on Russian Diesel

Russian diesel

With recent events in Russia and sanctions coming into place from many countries, we need to look at how to transition away from diesel and more to the point Russian diesel. The focus should be on highest-mileage diesel vehicle users ie. fleets. The West’s demand for oil comes at a very high price. Russian diesel […]

From TCO to TCM – it’s all about total cost of mobility

fleet mobility

Fleet mobility is changing the face of fleet management. The most common method for analysing fleet cost is Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). This is a robust and known method for calculating the ‘real costs’ of fleet. However, fleets are now switching to TCM, Total Cost of Mobility. Lets do a quick recap of TCO […]

According to VW it’s time to switch to Electric Vehicles

Volkswagen, the world’s largest producer of fossil-powered vehicles (by revenue), has just presented a graphic comparing its diesel offerings to its electric ones. Comparing offerings from its VW, Skoda and Audi brands, it shows the equivalent electric models come out way ahead in terms of TCO savings and suggest it’s time to switch. The data […]

How to uncover the best Powertrain for your drivers?

Most discussions we have now tend to focus on fleet strategy and how to plan for fleet electrification. Many people who are responsible for fleet understand that a switch is happening in the market and they need to be a part of that. The question is typically, when to switch and then how best to […]

Fleet Electrification tipping point is happening now

EV Efficiency ICE v EV

2021 is becoming the tipping point for fleet electrification. Multiple reasons ranging from BiK incentives to increased model choice and the countdown to the 2030 ban on the sale of new ICE vehicles is helping fleets to make the switch now. Things to consider for your fleet electrification project. Electrification of the company car sector […]

Fleet Risk | What emphasis do you place on it?

Fleet Risk and driver behaviour

A recent client setup involved a substantial amount of time covering GDPR and data risk. This got us thinking about how much time and thought goes into managing risk around an organisation’s data protection and privacy? We think this data risk effort and awareness takes up a fair amount of employee time. So, to the […]

What EV range do you really need?

What EV range do you really need2

In recent years, electric vehicles have become synonymous with the term “range anxiety” – the fear of potentially not being able to reach your destination before running out of battery power. What is an acceptable EV range? However, almost as soon as this phrase became commonplace, it had already become a myth – if it […]

Are you still concerned about battery range?

still concerned about battery range

Range anxiety – a genuine issue or born from the fear of the unknown. How far a vehicle travels on a single charge and speed of recharge is the topic of discussion around the water cooler. Other factors such as style, power and general function are clearly proven. There is, however, still concern about battery […]

2020 – Electric vehicles have come of age

2020 – Electric vehicles have come of age

Let’s put 2020 behind us and focus on the year ahead. In our opinion, electric vehicles have come of age. The the car industry as a whole has seen massive drops in sales every month during the worst months of 2020, but the EV market has continued to grow. Recent sales figures for Europe show […]