EV Delivery Times – Are you ready to play the long game?

Demand for electric cars is surging across Europe and drivers hoping to make the switch are facing months of delays. Is there anything you can do to avoid these longer EV delivery times?
Why are there extended EV delivery times?

There are two main reasons: an order backlog that predates the Coronavirus pandemic, and the on-going conflict in Ukraine.

The pandemic saw a massive surge in orders for laptops and printers as the global population started working remotely. This wiped out existing stocks and meant that factories around the world were asked to produce more. Except they couldn’t because many were forced to close because of the pandemic.

Considering an electric vehicle uses 3,000 semiconductors, compared to an average of 300 used in a petrol-powered vehicle, you can see where the issue lies. So a shortage of these, alongside a lack of computer chips globally, has had a direct impact on supply and demand and the EV delivery times.

EV delivery times are on the increase
What are OEMs saying about the wait times?

The pressure is on. Two years ago, a wait of 10 weeks for a n EV was considered excessive, but now, manufacturers are unable to provide a concrete answer. This has led to some brands closing order books altogether.

MG, for instance, says it has now suspended orders for the new ZS EV following an ‘’unprecedented level of demand’’ for the vehicle, opting to focus on fulfilling their current order quota before potentially accepting orders again in ‘’a matter of weeks’’.

With waiting times for family vehicles like the Volkswagen ID.3 and ID.4 sitting at well over a year, Cupra has recently stated:

“You may be able to get into Born much faster. ‘Volkswagen are putting extra effort into getting these cars on the road. Since it’s based on the ID.3, which has a waiting list time of one year and two to four months, they want the Cupra badge to get more market share.’’

In comparison, a Volkswagen has said:

‘’We advise all customers to be a year or a year-and-a-half ahead of the schedule if they want a vehicle desperately. We don’t think, internally at least, this is going away in a rush. It’s the new norm.’’

Ford is another manufacturer that is facing issues, with the popular Mustang Mach-E being temporarily suspended from orders so the brand can more effectively manage a heavy backlog. Ford has also had to recall an estimated 6,500 Mach-E’s due to an issue with the vehicle’s battery main contactors, potentially stretching waiting times even further.

Estimated EV delivery times – June 2022 Data
​Audi E-Tron12 months +
​BMW i46 months +
​BMW iX6 months +
​Citroen e-C49-12 months
​Cupra Born3-6 months
​DS 3 Crossback E-Tense3-6 months
​Fiat 500e4-6 months
​Ford Mustang Mach-E12-18 months +
​Hyundai IONIQ6 months
​Hyundai IONIQ 59-12 months
​Jaguar iPace6-9 months
​Kia Niro EV3-6 months
​Kia EV66-9 months
​Kia Soul3-6 months
​Lexus UX300e15 months +
​Mazda MX-303 months
​Mini Electric6 months +
​Nissan Leaf6 Months+​
​Peugeot e2083-6 months
​Polestar 25-6 months
​Porsche Taycan12 months +
​Renault Zoe5 months
​Skoda Enyaq iVCoupe 9-12 months, SUV 12-15 months
​Tesla Model S18-24 months
​Tesla Model X18-24 months
Tesla Model Y6-12 months
​Tesla Model 36-12 months
​Vauxhall Corsa-e6-8 months
​Vauxhall Mokka-e6-8 months
​Volkswagen ID.312 months +
​Volkswagen ID.412 months +
EV Waiting Times as at June 2022
What you can do to jump the queues
  • Map current mileage and duration and assess extension opportunity
  • Create a pool of low mileage cars and swap with high mileage cars
  • Create a pool of ICE cars by switching to EV’s early. Use the ICE pool for high mileage drivers
  • Sometimes, short term rentals may be more beneficial
  • Be prepared to compromise on trim or any special option builds
  • Ask your drivers to be flexible with tech options. For example, additional sound and camera options on a Jaguar iPace can add 6-9 months
  • Keep in regular contact with your LeaseCo to be updated on the supply chain
  • Start looking at mobility plans and mobility budgets, maybe your driver can do without a car

Challenging times indeed with unparalleled circumstances that have created the perfect fleet storm. The Fleet360 team is here to help you navigate. Just reach out.

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