TCO as a work tool for the CFO

The cost of company cars usually follows closely behind personnel costs as an important item in the income statement. It is not uncommon for certain costs related to the company cars to “hide” elsewhere in the income statement and this does not lead to transparency. However, a good policy can be set up by measuring […]

The true value of fleet INSIGHTS

Insights from Fleet360

2018 has once again been a year of change for the fleet market. Electrification, driver mobility and rising insurance costs have all been on the agenda. Whilst at the same time, fleet cost reduction continues to be the umbrella covering most national and international fleets of all sizes. Understanding how the inner mechanics of your […]


accounting IFRS 16

What is this all about? IFRS 16 is a new lease accounting standard published by the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB). It replaces IAS 17 and will come into effect 1st January 2019. If you lease vehicles there are significant changes ahead. Your vehicles (assets) will now need to show on your balance sheet as […]


fleet emissions c02 nox so WLTP

WLTP The Worldwide harmonised Light vehicles Test Procedure (WLTP) defines a global harmonized standard for determining the levels of pollutants and CO2 emissions, fuel or energy consumption, and electric range from light-duty vehicles (passenger cars and light commercial vans). One of the main objectives of the WLTP procedure is to better align the laboratory test […]

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