The TCO effect of ADAS versus the TCO effect of prevention programs

Based on a recent study Fleet360 carried out on the TCO effect of ADAS, we can conclude that the business case for a fleet owner isn’t yet positive. Though ADAS without dispute reduces the number, as well as the severity of accidents some components are still having a negative financial impact. We can indicate 3 […]

The Impact of ADAS on vehicle repair costs

By 2030 the Dutch car industry must take into account a 23% decrease in the number of claims as a result of the increase in driver assistance systems in passenger cars, or Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). The required parts are more expensive and the work requires specialist knowledge, which means that the turnover from […]

Don’t forget your ADAS awareness

ADAS awareness

As vehicle technology increases, how do you ensure your drivers knowledge keeps up also? When advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) are used correctly, they are literally a life safer. However, drivers should be aware of these features as some can be switched off by mistake. ADAS features include adaptive cruise control, autonomous emergency braking systems, […]

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