New rules could see more physical controls to ensure top safety rating

Picture of touch screen in a car

Beginning in 2026, the European New Car Assessment Program (Euro NCAP) will implement new testing criteria that will require vehicles to have physical controls for basic functions such as turn signals and windshield wipers in order to receive a five-star safety rating. Touchscreens inside cars are becoming more widespread. Basic automobile physical controls are increasingly […]

Fleet Risk | What emphasis do you place on it?

Fleet Risk and driver behaviour

A recent client setup involved a substantial amount of time covering GDPR and data risk. This got us thinking about how much time and thought goes into managing risk around an organisation’s data protection and privacy? We think this data risk effort and awareness takes up a fair amount of employee time. So, to the […]

EV efficiency versus ICE efficiency

EV Efficiency ICE v EV

Most drivers understand the concept of fuel efficiency in ICE (Internal Combustion Engines) vehicles. Petrol or diesel goes in, and based on driver behaviour and engine/vehicle size, the return is an l/100km or mpg value. The energy an EV requires for movement is one component of its efficiency, but it’s not the only one. EV […]

The TCO effect of ADAS versus the TCO effect of prevention programs

Based on a recent study Fleet360 carried out on the TCO effect of ADAS, we can conclude that the business case for a fleet owner isn’t yet positive. Though ADAS without dispute reduces the number, as well as the severity of accidents some components are still having a negative financial impact. We can indicate 3 […]

ADAS and driver behaviour

We have recently been discussing the advancements of car technology with our clients. That is, the need to include safety features into your car policy and benchmark vehicles. However, there is more to just adding safety features. The link between ADAS and driver behaviour is now in focus. The last few years have seen some […]

Driving risks – do you know what the five biggest are?

New research has revealed the five most common driving risks drivers face behind the wheel. The leading risk factor is unsurprisingly, driver behaviour, followed by road type, shift length, sun position and day of the week. This finding is based on telematics data covering nearly 200 million kilometres driven over the course of just 4 […]

The missing link between telematics and training

Many companies we talk to either have telematics or are considering the value it brings. After all, duty of care is high on the fleet agenda. Once introduced, telematics data can provide amazing insight into your fleet’s activity. However, telematics can only go so far in improving driver behaviour. The next step in the telematics […]

Mobile phone usage – how do you check your drivers?

A recent publication by the UK Transport Select Committee urges a clamp down on mobile phone usage. It is clear that distracted driving has a major impact of the drivers ability to focus on ‘driving’. However, we need to be clear as to what is meant by the use of a mobile device inside a […]

Control driver behaviour – control costs

driver behaviour

Who is in control? How do you uncover driver behaviour ? The simplest way of getting an idea is the analysis of fuel and accident statistics. This data is normally readily available within the company itself or from the leasing and/or insurance company. An approximate evaluation of driver behaviour can be measured based on the […]

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