The missing link between telematics and training

Many companies we talk to either have telematics or are considering the value it brings. After all, duty of care is high on the fleet agenda. Once introduced, telematics data can provide amazing insight into your fleet’s activity.

However, telematics can only go so far in improving driver behaviour. The next step in the telematics journey, is to turn the recorded data into actionable training. This is where driver events eg. speeding or heavy braking can trigger automated training modules. An additional challenge with using telematics systems to reduce driver risk is that whilst telematics data offers a high level indication of which drivers are ‘high risk’, it cannot tell you what specific behavioural motivation is causing each telematics violation.

Telematics should not just be about a score. It has to provide drivers the feedback they need for long-lasting behaviour change with training that goes deeper than surface-level scorecards. Linking it to training will give telematics the extra spark needed!

Bart Vanham

Fleet360 CoPilot is our powerful smartphone-based driver solution to enhance behaviour awareness and road safety. This solution transforms mobility data into behaviour intelligence. This is achieved via a wireless stream of vehicle mobility data without the hassle of physical connectors. The smartphone provides a widely available platform to collect, evaluate and optimise driving behaviour that is on par with dedicated hardware solutions.

The missing link to training

The data that it is captured by our solution or indeed your current solution is analysed to see which drivers require additional training.

  • Analyse CoPilot data or integrate with any telematic vendor to receive driver violation reports
  • Driver records are analyzed against threshold determined by your requirements to identify drivers in need of training
  • Drivers are automatically assigned training designed to target their specific training needs. These range from 1 minute refresher videos to longer 15 minute modules
Telematics and training
1 minute easy to digest training modules help create a driver safety culture

Training changes driver behaviour

eLearning is a popular method of changing high risk driver behaviour. Typically, driver behaviour is in response to work related demands that need to change. Training interventions do not need to focus on skills acquisition only. Fleet drivers are often sufficiently skilled to drive safely but choose not to due to work demands and personal characteristics. Instead, we need to coach drivers to influence their motives and behaviours behind the wheel when driving for work.

Are you interested in telematics or have your own solution but want to link it to training to give it an extra spark and level of achievement. Get in touch for a chat. Fleet360 is happy to be your partner.

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