The EV world is moving at a crazy pace

The EV world is moving at a crazy pace

In 2012, Tesla pulled the electric car (EV) out from under the dust. And for several years now, other brands have also been taking giant steps forward. On the one hand, the development of cars with electric motors and batteries has only just begun, on the other hand, today the most economical car, the fastest […]

Fleet Electrification tipping point is happening now

EV Efficiency ICE v EV

2021 is becoming the tipping point for fleet electrification. Multiple reasons ranging from BiK incentives to increased model choice and the countdown to the 2030 ban on the sale of new ICE vehicles is helping fleets to make the switch now. Things to consider for your fleet electrification project. Electrification of the company car sector […]

Are you still concerned about battery range?

still concerned about battery range

Range anxiety – a genuine issue or born from the fear of the unknown. How far a vehicle travels on a single charge and speed of recharge is the topic of discussion around the water cooler. Other factors such as style, power and general function are clearly proven. There is, however, still concern about battery […]

EV Markets – Europe’s best and worst

If you are looking at implementing a pan-European electric vehicle policy then you are clearly on the right road. However, not all countries are ready with sufficient charging infrastructure and EV markets in general, are unsurprisingly, more mature in certain countries. A recent study has revealed a gap between the countries that are best prepared to […]

Electrification: Are you Positive or Negative?

Fleet electrification positive or negative

Fleet electrification is clearly progressing well. However, while some people are positive others are not convinced. Some people are still referring to lack of choice, range anxiety, charging infrastructure and the business case. As we have mentioned before, the tipping point is nearly upon us and 2019 will see a raft of vehicles coming online. […]

More evidence that electrification is around the corner

Electrification is around the corner

Electrification, OEM’s and their CO2 reduction efforts OEMs who fail to meet 2021 fleet CO2 emissions compliance, for passenger vehicles sold in the European Union (EU) could be fined more than €14 billion in 2021. This is a conclusion based on new analysis from IHS Markit. Electrification could be answer. As fleets start to switch away from […]

The death of the Internal Combustion Engine

internal combustion engine

The fleet market is getting ready for 2021. The Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) as we know it has been around since 1876. That is a good run but, electrification is now a viable alternative power source and will finally allows us all to experience a better, cleaner technology. Legislation is helping to drive the change […]

The Road to Fleet Electrification

tesla model 3 fleet electrification

The barriers to fleet electrification are falling away The topic of mobility changes as a result of global urbanisation is compelling. By 2050 it is estimated that an additional 2.5 billion people will live in cities and suburbs that will have to undergo significant transformations to create sustainable living conditions for their residents. Fleet electrification […]

Fleet electrification is causing a buzz

electrification and future fleets

More change as fleet electrification charges ahead. Recent news in the fleet arena has centred around mobility and what that means for a typical business. However, in recent weeks, the news is starting to show that Electric Vehicles are charging to the fore. Fleet electrification and how to achieve that is now on the agenda. Take […]

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