The EV world is moving at a crazy pace

The EV world is moving at a crazy pace

In 2012, Tesla pulled the electric car (EV) out from under the dust. And for several years now, other brands have also been taking giant steps forward. On the one hand, the development of cars with electric motors and batteries has only just begun, on the other hand, today the most economical car, the fastest […]

Traffic congestion data highlights need for mobility solutions

traffic congestion

A new report from INRIX’s annual Global Traffic Scorecard, once again highlights the inefficiency of congestion and cost across European cities. London, Paris and Brussels lead the way and now more than ever is there a need for businesses to find alternative mobility solutions. The study reveals average speeds in the world’s most significant urban […]

The fleet procurement process and the shift towards EV

As the EU transitions to a cleaner low-carbon future, what do new legislation and Government plans mean in the context of the fleet procurement process? The threat posed by global warming has not gone away. The EU’s focus on global climate change remains high on political agendas. This focus has seen the UK bring forward […]

Fleets are starting to press the EV switch

EV switch

The EU is gearing up to move to the next generation of driver mobility In December 2019 the European Commission (EC) announced the European Green Deal. This holistic approach towards climate action includes a roadmap for the introduction of various measures throughout 2020/2021. It states that climate change and environmental degradation are an existential threat […]

How to prepare for a better post Covid-19 mobility strategy

The future of your fleet The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the world as we know it. The overall impact is clearly unknown at this point. But what is clear is the need for fleet decision makers to plan ahead for what might be a shift in driver mobility. How do you prepare a Covid-19 mobility […]

Coronavirus and the fall of CO2

We have recently reported how CO2 levels have started to rise again, due to the impact of drivers switching t to larger SUV’s. With the onset of Coronavirus, recent satellite images are showing that the levels of air pollutants and warming gases over some cities and regions are showing significant drops due to reduced travel. […]

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