How to prepare for a better post Covid-19 mobility strategy

The future of your fleet

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the world as we know it. The overall impact is clearly unknown at this point. But what is clear is the need for fleet decision makers to plan ahead for what might be a shift in driver mobility. How do you prepare a Covid-19 mobility strategy?

In leveraging our knowledge, analytical mindset, best practice methodologies and research, Fleet360 is positioned to offer your company the answers you are probably looking for at this time. We can show you how to maintain strategic control of your local or international fleet and to reduce fleet costs.

It’s time to start planning

The initial impact of Covid-19 has been clear. The issue now is how to plan ahead for what the ‘new normal’ may look like.

Driver safety is essential
  • You have noticed the decrease in your fleet usage costs (less km travelled, fewer accidents…) during the crisis and you want to continue to control these costs in a sustainable way as soon as the recovery starts
  • You are hesitating between extending your current contracts and replacing your vehicles with cleaner and more economical vehicles
  • You are unsure as to the impact on the total cost of your fleet in the short, medium and long term
  • Will working from home become part of the new normal mobility in your company and what will be the impact on the mobility profiles of your employees? Will these (new) profiles match electric (bike and/or car) driving, while guaranteeing satisfaction?
  • You are looking for independent and sound advice to help you make the best decisions
  • Your Car Policy does not respond to the new forms of mobility
Covid-19 mobility strategy
Controlling fleet cost
How to optimise and control the cost of your fleet
  • Establish total cost of ownership (TCO) transparency for your current fleet
  • Analyse the different parameters that seem to have potential for optimisation
  • Establish a predictive TCO that takes into account the taxation system by 2021

Covid-19 mobility strategy
Understanding driver mobility patterns
How to uncover true mobility profiles of your drivers
  • Propose the most suitable alternative powertrain for your drivers taking into account a bike/home-office policy
  • Changes in mobility profiles mean more drivers are able to make the switch to EV
  • Estimate the impact of this choice on overall costs
  • Analyse your Car Policy
Covid-19 mobility strategy
Propose the Response Programme to the Board
How to present & defend your programme to all stakeholders
  • Establish a predictive budget taking into account potential savings
  • Define an action plan for implementation

There are many topics on the Fleet Managers agenda today. Whatever the discussion, we offer a true independent view of the options available. Our thoughts and insights will help you make the right choices now which are critical to your future fleet costs. Contact us for an offer tailored to your needs

Bart Vanham

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