Fleet Electrification tipping point is happening now

EV Efficiency ICE v EV

2021 is becoming the tipping point for fleet electrification. Multiple reasons ranging from BiK incentives to increased model choice and the countdown to the 2030 ban on the sale of new ICE vehicles is helping fleets to make the switch now. Things to consider for your fleet electrification project. Electrification of the company car sector […]

Are you still concerned about battery range?

still concerned about battery range

Range anxiety – a genuine issue or born from the fear of the unknown. How far a vehicle travels on a single charge and speed of recharge is the topic of discussion around the water cooler. Other factors such as style, power and general function are clearly proven. There is, however, still concern about battery […]

2020 – Electric vehicles have come of age

2020 – Electric vehicles have come of age

Let’s put 2020 behind us and focus on the year ahead. In our opinion, electric vehicles have come of age. The the car industry as a whole has seen massive drops in sales every month during the worst months of 2020, but the EV market has continued to grow. Recent sales figures for Europe show […]

An intelligent fleet strategy 2.0

We discuss a lot about the importance of an intelligent fleet strategy. A sustainable, considered, well researched and implemented strategy that works across all markets. Most companies agree that a one market approach operated at the local level is arguably the outdated model. With an intelligent fleet strategy, considerable cost reductions are achievable. This approach […]

The EV tipping point has arrived

The Tesla Model 3 (as an example) is starting to show that the TCO cost of ICE v EV has hit the EV tipping point and this model in particular is starting to make waves in the corporate fleet world. When we run the numbers and show them to our clients, the fleet managers start […]

Your 2019 fleet strategy

Your new fleet strategy

Big change is ahead. Time to start your planning. 2018 has shaped to be another year of change for the fleet industry. It has probably left you and your board with even more questions that you had at the start of the year. At a recent Fleet Industry event the topics being discussed were varied […]

How to carry out a fleet review in 2019

tender review

Sometimes change is needed An OEM and LeaseCo tender review can often lead to significant savings and done properly can be a better way to maintain the status quo for your drivers and people responsible for fleet. Here are a few considerations for a successful fleet review in 2019. 1. Understand your steering committee needs […]

The lowdown on Low Emission Zones

Low Emission Zones map

Low Emission Zones and fleet impact The creation of Low Emission Zones is clearly a necessary to step to reduce traffic congestion and improve air quality in major cities. The question is how this affects fleet choice in the future and how your drivers are alerted to the growing number of Low Emission Zones. Virtually […]

Why are my fleet costs rising?

rising fleet costs and tcm

Time to analyse and and control your fleet costs Recent research suggests the number one concern for fleet managers is that of fleet costs. It is no surprise when you consider that fleet costs have risen by 9% on average across the EU (2017 – 2018). Some cost elements can’t be controlled, of course. For […]

Fleet electrification is causing a buzz

electrification and future fleets

More change as fleet electrification charges ahead. Recent news in the fleet arena has centred around mobility and what that means for a typical business. However, in recent weeks, the news is starting to show that Electric Vehicles are charging to the fore. Fleet electrification and how to achieve that is now on the agenda. Take […]