An intelligent fleet strategy 2.0

We discuss a lot about the importance of an intelligent fleet strategy. A sustainable, considered, well researched and implemented strategy that works across all markets. Most companies agree that a one market approach operated at the local level is arguably the outdated model. With an intelligent fleet strategy, considerable cost reductions are achievable.

This approach works when you are in control of elements that define your intelligent fleet strategy. However what happens when you are thrown a huge curve ball such as Covid-19?

The Covid-19 Impact

The core process of your fleet strategy remains the same. The issue now arises when this strategy is put under pressure from something you cannot control. We are now seeing such impact across our customer base which is affecting fleet efficiency and cost.

There is clear need for fleet decision makers to plan ahead for what might be a shift in driver mobility. In leveraging our knowledge, analytical mindset, best practice methodologies and research, we are positioned to offer your company the answers you are probably looking for at this time. We can show you how to maintain strategic control of your local or international fleet and to reduce fleet costs.

Bart Vanham
Is this your current situation?

  • You have noticed the decrease in your fleet usage costs (less km traveled, fewer accidents…) during the crisis and you want to continue to control these costs in a sustainable way as soon as the recovery starts
  • You are hesitating between extending your current contracts and replacing your vehicles with cleaner and more economical vehicles
  • You are unsure as to the impact on the total cost of your fleet in the short, medium and long term
  • Will working from home become part of the new normal mobility in your company and what will be the impact on the mobility profiles of your employees? Will these (new) profiles match electric (bike and/or car) driving, while guaranteeing satisfaction?
  • You are looking for independent and sound advice to help you make the best decisions
  • Your Car Policy does not respond to the new forms of mobility
Your revised intelligent fleet strategy

During the current pandemic, much has been discussed about reacting to immediate concerns. For example, holding off on ordering new vehicles, extending lease agreements and avoiding all non-essential travel to name a few. However, as we enter a phase of relaxed lockdown and people start to return to work, what are your plans for a potential 2nd wave. The predictions suggest a likely 2nd wave (or even a 3rd wave) and as such an enhanced fleet strategy is essential.

This is about being able to manage your fleet as effectively as possible given the current situation. Covid-19 response is just one part of an intelligent fleet strategy and we know for sure that we all need to update and strategies for dealing with these unknown factors the best we can.

Bart Vanham
More information
What is the new normal?

It is also worth considering what trends may start to emerge in the future post Covid-19, or indeed during any ongoing pandemic.

  1. Will people want a car? What are the reasons affecting new drivers who may be able to select a cash or car?
  2. If more people continue to work from home, will your staff look to hand the car back?
  3. How are you planning to look after your drivers?
  4. What about the perception of other mobility solutions?

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