From TCO to TCM – it’s all about total cost of mobility

fleet mobility

Fleet mobility is changing the face of fleet management. The most common method for analysing fleet cost is Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). This is a robust and known method for calculating the ‘real costs’ of fleet. However, fleets are now switching to TCM, Total Cost of Mobility. Lets do a quick recap of TCO […]

Traffic congestion data highlights need for mobility solutions

traffic congestion

A new report from INRIX’s annual Global Traffic Scorecard, once again highlights the inefficiency of congestion and cost across European cities. London, Paris and Brussels lead the way and now more than ever is there a need for businesses to find alternative mobility solutions. The study reveals average speeds in the world’s most significant urban […]

How to prepare for a better post Covid-19 mobility strategy

The future of your fleet The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the world as we know it. The overall impact is clearly unknown at this point. But what is clear is the need for fleet decision makers to plan ahead for what might be a shift in driver mobility. How do you prepare a Covid-19 mobility […]

More evidence that electrification is around the corner

Electrification is around the corner

Electrification, OEM’s and their CO2 reduction efforts OEMs who fail to meet 2021 fleet CO2 emissions compliance, for passenger vehicles sold in the European Union (EU) could be fined more than €14 billion in 2021. This is a conclusion based on new analysis from IHS Markit. Electrification could be answer. As fleets start to switch away from […]

Why are my fleet costs rising?

rising fleet costs and tcm

Time to analyse and and control your fleet costs Recent research suggests the number one concern for fleet managers is that of fleet costs. It is no surprise when you consider that fleet costs have risen by 9% on average across the EU (2017 – 2018). Some cost elements can’t be controlled, of course. For […]

The death of the Internal Combustion Engine

internal combustion engine

The fleet market is getting ready for 2021. The Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) as we know it has been around since 1876. That is a good run but, electrification is now a viable alternative power source and will finally allows us all to experience a better, cleaner technology. Legislation is helping to drive the change […]

The Road to Fleet Electrification

tesla model 3 fleet electrification

The barriers to fleet electrification are falling away The topic of mobility changes as a result of global urbanisation is compelling. By 2050 it is estimated that an additional 2.5 billion people will live in cities and suburbs that will have to undergo significant transformations to create sustainable living conditions for their residents. Fleet electrification […]

Fleet electrification is causing a buzz

electrification and future fleets

More change as fleet electrification charges ahead. Recent news in the fleet arena has centred around mobility and what that means for a typical business. However, in recent weeks, the news is starting to show that Electric Vehicles are charging to the fore. Fleet electrification and how to achieve that is now on the agenda. Take […]

Fleet Industry Trends of 2018

Fleet Industry Trends of 2018

The decline of diesel and increase in provision of total corporate mobility The story so far. With only a few weeks into 2018, our recent discussions with large corporates keep coming back to the right fuel mix and how mobility will work. From the trends we see, it is clear that demand for diesel is […]

10 steps to Fleet Mobility

fleet mobility

Fleet mobility is changing the face of fleet management. More and more companies are now looking at how their staff make business journeys. Companies who focus on company cars and vans need to now consider how fleet mobility is the new default position. This can mean embracing solutions for car sharing, car clubs, bike schemes, […]

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