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Apparently, we live in a connected world where all the data you need is at your finger tips. One click of a mouse button, one tap of a screen and all the information you could ever want is there. Maybe for some, but for most people, the reality is very different. It is often a case of different countries using different systems with a very fragmented view of global fleet data.
The typical scenario

This fragmentation leaves many fleet departments with serious reporting issues. Typical questions are difficult to answer and others do not even have a starting point.

  • What is my global carbon footprint?
  • What is my fleet spend in a certain region?
  • What is the dominant brand we use in our company?
  • What is the most driven power train?
  • Who is our biggest supplier?
  • What is the cost of accident claims?
  • What number of drivers use the mobile phone while driving?
Data complexity is a big issue

Let’s say you have all the data to hand. Are you able to translate fleet data into easy to understand and visualised information? How easy can you create a baseline for improvement projects and present business cases? Do you have a robust mechanism in place to measure and audit your global fleet policy? Can you meet the growing demand on audited CSR related fleet data that are required in your corporate annual reports?

You need Insights

Dashboards to the rescue

Fleet Inventory

covering strategic sourcing, finance, human resources, CSR and supplier management KPI’s


show current terms & conditions, your claims cost and accident statistics to uncover patterns

Driver Care

proactive management on driving behaviour, policy review and EV feasibility studies.

Data analysis can now be achieved in a few mouse clicks. It provides immediate insight into key figures and performance improvement areas.

We have a proven track record of collecting data, translating it into relevant information for our global fleet customers using the latest technology to securely bring unmatched global fleet intelligence.

Fleet360 is your unique partner offering many years of expertise, a neutral view on the market, its trends and main suppliers, using secure technology to offer the insights you need.

The Results

  • A secure process to consolidate your global data
  • A secure process to guarantee high quality data
  • Years of experience and market knowledge to help you understand the correctness of data
  • A true global view on your international fleet data
  • An option to include insurance data and/or driver data from telematics or smart phone devices
  • Powerful dashboards that display your local fleet specifics and opportunities
  • A view on your fleet data from different perspectives
  • Intuitive drilling in, zooming out and even benchmarking within your corporate structure
  • Easy exporting of views, data and powerpoint inserts
Powerful data analysis to help view your global fleet structure

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