FleetMeet – Is driver safety only about mitigating risk?

FleetMeet Episode 5

Episode #5 The new channel for fleet related chat… This new biweekly FleetMeet video series is co-produced by Automotive Fleet and Fleet360 to compare and contrast fleet trends occurring in both Europe and North America. The discussion is co-hosted by Hans Damen, managing partner of Fleet360, who is based in Europe; and Mike Antich, editor, Automotive Fleet magazine, who is based […]

Fleet Risk | What emphasis do you place on it?

Fleet Risk and driver behaviour

A recent client setup involved a substantial amount of time covering GDPR and data risk. This got us thinking about how much time and thought goes into managing risk around an organisation’s data protection and privacy? We think this data risk effort and awareness takes up a fair amount of employee time. So, to the […]

Driving behaviour and your brand reputation

Driving behaviour and your brand reputation

What percentage of vehicle accidents are you happy with for your fleet? We would hope that the answer is 0%. However, this is not the case for the majority of fleets in Europe. And a recent survey has uncovered some shocking data that should raise significant concerns as to the driver behaviour and your brand […]

Don’t forget your ADAS awareness

ADAS awareness

As vehicle technology increases, how do you ensure your drivers knowledge keeps up also? When advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) are used correctly, they are literally a life safer. However, drivers should be aware of these features as some can be switched off by mistake. ADAS features include adaptive cruise control, autonomous emergency braking systems, […]

ADAS and driver behaviour

We have recently been discussing the advancements of car technology with our clients. That is, the need to include safety features into your car policy and benchmark vehicles. However, there is more to just adding safety features. The link between ADAS and driver behaviour is now in focus. The last few years have seen some […]

Your Global Fleet Data

Transparency and independence are back Apparently, we live in a connected world where all the data you need is at your fingertips. One click of a mouse button, one tap of a screen and all the information you could ever want is there. Maybe for some, but for most people in international fleet related roles, […]

Up to 65% reduction in claim cost for your fleet

Claim costs

An ongoing driver safety campaign with a global technology company have shown some fantastic results. In less than 12 months, drivers on our safety campaign have posted a 65% reduction in incident costs vs an increase of 20% for drivers not participating in the campaign. This decrease in cost was the result of both a […]

Young American life expectancy falling due in part to distracted driving

distracted driving

A recent study by researchers at the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine has discovered multiple causes that are contributing to growing mortality rates among younger people in the U.S. These include suicide, substance abuse and distracted driving. Every day in the U.S., there are approximately nine people who tragically lose their lives and more […]

Real time feedback on driving behaviour has most impact

real time feedback

A recent study has just concluded over the effectiveness of interventions that would encourage safe driving. Interventions that provide direct real time feedback appear to work best. A total of five intervention solutions were tested Online driving behavior training An App that keeps the phone in a non-disturb mode A weekly driving score Real time […]

Driving risks – do you know what the five biggest are?

New research has revealed the five most common driving risks drivers face behind the wheel. The leading risk factor is unsurprisingly, driver behaviour, followed by road type, shift length, sun position and day of the week. This finding is based on telematics data covering nearly 200 million kilometres driven over the course of just 4 […]