The rise of telematics

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The rise of telematics has been well documented recently and arguably does have a place in fleet. However, many companies are put off by cost or impact on process and culture. Recent devices generally require some form of in-vehicle fitment, which again can create extra hassle for fleet operators. However, telematics has now gone mobile, literally. Solutions from suppliers such as Fleet&DriverCare offer true innovation for operators who want to understand driving behaviour.

Once fleet operators have a basic understanding of driving behaviour, the next step is to adopt advanced monitoring. This is where mobile telematics can have a huge impact on fleet cost.

Advantages for your company

The many challenges that Fleet Managers face is to reduce operating costs, improving efficiency, lower vehicle emissions or overall exposure to risk. So, whether you run a small fleet or a large multi-national corporation, telematics has a place and can be adapted to meet the most demanding of business requirements.

the rise of telematicsYour efforts to achieve successes in driver safety and corporate social responsibility will be more effective. The awareness of your company car drivers will be boosted and the attitude change more easily anchored because the stimuli are provided every day, trip after trip.

The fact that results will be compared between colleagues and departments will also demonstrate how improving driver behaviour is not only worthwhile but also achievable within a short timeframe.

The combined approach can easily be implemented internationally. Without measurement, the efforts can’t be qualified and the results can’t be quantified. For a limited investment, you’ll realise how our programme provides tangible success.

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