Real time feedback on driving behaviour has most impact

real time feedback

A recent study has just concluded over the effectiveness of interventions that would encourage safe driving. Interventions that provide direct real time feedback appear to work best. A total of five intervention solutions were tested Online driving behavior training An App that keeps the phone in a non-disturb mode A weekly driving score Real time […]

Driving risks – do you know what the five biggest are?

New research has revealed the five most common driving risks drivers face behind the wheel. The leading risk factor is unsurprisingly, driver behaviour, followed by road type, shift length, sun position and day of the week. This finding is based on telematics data covering nearly 200 million kilometres driven over the course of just 4 […]

A 37% drop in accidents is just the start

How to reduce driver accidents and create a driver safety culture If you operate a large fleet, generally speaking you would agree that the number of ‘at fault’ accidents could be reduced. Not only would this address duty of care concerns but, it would also impact on your overall fleet insurance cost. The question is […]

ADAS – Improving driver safety

What is an Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS)? Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS) come in many forms: from systems that apply the brakes if they sense an imminent crash (Autonomous Emergency Braking) to ones that help maintain a constant distance from the car ahead (Adaptive Cruise Control) to others that help keep the vehicle in […]

The missing link between telematics and training

Many companies we talk to either have telematics or are considering the value it brings. After all, duty of care is high on the fleet agenda. Once introduced, telematics data can provide amazing insight into your fleet’s activity. However, telematics can only go so far in improving driver behaviour. The next step in the telematics […]

Mobile phone usage – how do you check your drivers?

A recent publication by the UK Transport Select Committee urges a clamp down on mobile phone usage. It is clear that distracted driving has a major impact of the drivers ability to focus on ‘driving’. However, we need to be clear as to what is meant by the use of a mobile device inside a […]

EU road fatality figures still a concern

Road fatality

Although fewer people died on European roads last year, further actions on road fatality are still needed, as shown by new road fatality figures from the European Commission. The initial data shows there were around 25,100 fatalities in road accidents in the EU28 in 2018; down 21% compared to 2010, and 1% compared to 2017. […]

The prevention pyramid

the prevention pyramid

Consider this… For every fatality there are 30 lost workday cases and 300 recordable injuries. And if you dig deeper, 1 fatality has been preceded by 3000 near misses and 300,000 at-risk behaviour events. This is where the prevention pyramid comes in. This can be avoided The main goal of corporate prevention is to decrease […]

The road to safer and smarter driving for all

Safer smarter driving

After the success of the first campaign in 2017, Siemens has relaunched their #goforzero safety program. This campaign aims to promote safer and smarter driving for all Siemens employees and their family members. The kick-off of this program, whose ambitious goal is to achieve 0 accidents, was launch on January 15th 2019 and has been […]

Intelligent speed assistance – does it work?

speed limiting technology

The importance of making future in-vehicle safety technologies standard on new cars has come under the spotlight this week ahead of the vote in the European Parliament on new vehicle equipment. Intelligent speed assistance is just one aspect under review. But is this the answer? Research published by the European Transport Safety Council (ETSC) has shown […]

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