The TCO effect of ADAS versus the TCO effect of prevention programs

Based on a recent study Fleet360 carried out on the TCO effect of ADAS, we can conclude that the business case for a fleet owner isn’t yet positive. Though ADAS without dispute reduces the number, as well as the severity of accidents some components are still having a negative financial impact. We can indicate 3 […]

The Impact of ADAS on vehicle repair costs

By 2030 the Dutch car industry must take into account a 23% decrease in the number of claims as a result of the increase in driver assistance systems in passenger cars, or Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). The required parts are more expensive and the work requires specialist knowledge, which means that the turnover from […]

Can I reduce insurance spend during COVID-19?

Given the quarantine measures of the last 2 months we have seen a significant fleet mileage reduction for many companies. The question now surrounds insurance spend as risk reduces or as fleets become static. This reduction in mileage has an immediate impact on some operational costs, the most visible being fuel cost but also the […]

Motor fleet insurance rates are rising in Europe

rising insurance rates

The motor insurance portfolio has historically been unprofitable in Europe. Prices have declined over time and margins have had the last decimal percentage point squeezed out of them. As a result many insurance companies have exited the market entirely or are reviewing their rates and propose more restrictive terms and conditions.  In some markets, like the Netherlands, the last […]

What are your thoughts on vehicle insurance and privacy?

insurance and privacy

People who don’t want a device in their car are probably also bad drivers. They therefore pay a higher premium. Insurance Company Director We are talking about the black box in cars that records how and sometimes where you drive. Not everyone has to drive around with such a black box, however, those that do […]

How will your company prepare for self driving vehicles?

autonomous driving

Safer traffic ahead. Self driving vehicles should reduce the number of accidents. The sensors that are already present in cars today provide extra ears and eyes and contribute to safer traffic. In a further evolution, cars will also communicate with each other. They will drive closer together and determine the distance to their vehicle ahead. […]

The true value of fleet INSIGHTS

Insights from Fleet360

2018 has once again been a year of change for the fleet market. Electrification, driver mobility and rising insurance costs have all been on the agenda. Whilst at the same time, fleet cost reduction continues to be the umbrella covering most national and international fleets of all sizes. Understanding how the inner mechanics of your […]

Electric Vehicles and damage repair cost

Electric vehicles and damage repair cost

We recently encountered an article on damage cost on EV’s. According to the article published by a leading Insurer, damage repair cost on electric vehicles are approximately 25% higher than cars with internal combustion engines. There are several reasons for the considerable difference in repair costs. One has to do with the vehicle construction. Expensive […]

Choosing the right Insurance

choosing the right insurance

Plan now as insurance premiums are on the rise. Hans Damen provides an overview as to why choosing the right insurance is such a hot topic for multi-nationals. Learn more in Insurance.

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