Fleet360 – a brief overview by Hans Damen

The 360 degree vision

Our core services for the fleet industry

In leveraging our knowledge, analytical mindset, best practice methodologies and research, your company will not only generate exceptional ROI but fundamentally regain strategic control of your local or international fleet.

Leveraging knowledge

We offer full strategic support at board level to analyse and produce your roadmap for the future


True independence matters

Being truly independent, we benchmark your current terms and conditions to uncover where significant savings can be made based on your damage statistics and risk appetite.


Analytical mindset

We collect, consolidate and analyse data to support policy reviews, increase the leverage on your supply chain negotiations and provide insights on cost reduction initiatives and priorities.


How to influence driver behaviour

We analyse the history of your fleet activity to identify trends of driver behaviour, accident rates, and fuel usage. This information is then used to create a safety culture that in turn reduces fleet costs and general human wellbeing.


The link between fleet policy and legislation

Our taxation division has access to global fleet data metrics that allows us to mine into what affects TCO in fleets. The ultimate benefit is the optimisation of your fleet policy, primed to migrate to a mobility policy ready for future legislation, new power train opportunities and cost optimisation strategies.


Training programmes to expand skill sets

For car manufacturers and fleet service providers such as lease companies we have developed programmes that explore the importance of fully understanding client expectations and how to tailor the delivery of optimum solutions for prospective and existing clients. For staff who are responsible for fleet, our programmes are aimed at administrators and managers who have the responsibility, but not necessarily the experience, of running a fleet. In addition, they provide a refresher for fleet professionals who require an update on legislation, best practice and developments in managing a fleet of vehicles.

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