The road to safer and smarter driving for all

After the success of the first campaign in 2017, Siemens has relaunched their #goforzero safety program. This campaign aims to promote safer and smarter driving for all Siemens employees and their family members.

The kick-off of this program, whose ambitious goal is to achieve 0 accidents, was launch on January 15th 2019 and has been rolled out for 2019.

To achieve this goal, Siemens has implemented an integrated approach (methodology and tools) developed by Fleet360. These included:

  • Fleet360 e-learning: an online training program that proactively improves driving behavior. The training program is adapted to the risk profile of each driver
  • Fleet360 CoPilot: a powerful driver coaching solution, accessible from a smartphone. This app improves awareness of road behavior and driver safety
  • Classroom Training: update on the knowledge of the road code, defensive driving, and distracted driving
  • A driving awareness campaign through an onsite offline and online campaign
  • Permanent and personalised communication to participants in the #goforzero program

#goforzero | Safer, smarter driving
Siemens #goforzero | Promoting safer, smarter driving for all.

Siemens are taking driver safety seriously

This program is now available to all employees (whether they are company car drivers or not) who wish to join the program but also to their family members. Additional proof that driver safety is a major goal for Siemens!

Rob Custers, Fleet Procurement, Mobility, Marcom from Siemens, initiator and supporter of the project gives us his point of view:

As a responsible employer, Siemens has chosen an integrated approach to its road safety program in partnership with Fleet360. This program has a dual purpose, on the one hand, it aims to increase knowledge (highway code, defensive driving, …) and on the other hand, to use this knowledge to raise and increase awareness of better behaviour on the road.

Rob Custers

Bart Vanham, Managing Partner Fleet360 concludes:

The Fleet360 team is particularly proud to support Siemens in this ambitious project. We are very motivated to achieve the goals set in collaboration with Siemens.

Bart Vanham

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