65% of all company car drivers can switch to EV 

The Fleet360 Powertrain Insights have shown that within a comfortable margin, 65% of company car drivers can switch to an EV powertrain. Now is the time to start planning your EV strategy to grab the maximum opportunity of the quickly changing marketplace.

The 3 key drivers

You need to consider the following 3 factors that will determine EV suitability:

  1. EV product replacement in your popular segments
  2. Actual product availability at time of need
  3. Total cost of mobility

As was the case with CO2 regulations coming into effect in Europe, it is essential that you maximise the financial savings that can be achieved by early adoption of EV. In time, subsidised taxation regulations will be reduced due to rapidly increasing EV fleet volumes.

We can show you how to make the right choices to benefit both your drivers and your company.

Although often perceived differently, 70% of business trips are well within typical EV ranges. While charging time in-between allow an EV without sacrificing on convenience or costly infrastructure at home or the office. Clearly, the optimal position from an operational and administrative point of view, a cost efficient dedicated charging solution is advisable.

Building on years of experience and expertise within the automotive industry, Fleet360 is well placed to help you review EV integration into your existing vehicle policy.

The process

Tapping into a number of data sources such as fuel cards, data loggers, HR data and bespoke driver surveys a full picture can be compiled of driving patterns. Data will then be turned into information that will help create a sound business case for actionable changes to allow EV integration.

No matter what your data sources are, we can turn it into valuable information

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