The prevention pyramid

Consider this…

For every fatality there are 30 lost workday cases and 300 recordable injuries. And if you dig deeper, 1 fatality has been preceded by 3000 near misses and 300,000 at-risk behaviour events. This is where the prevention pyramid comes in.

This can be avoided

The main goal of corporate prevention is to decrease accidents and to exclude bodily injuries and fatalities. This can only be done by putting prevention on top of everybody’s mind and installing a safety culture within your organisation.

In our view the best approach is to launch a driver safety programme via the following methodology: measure, inform, educate, re-measure and reward

Steven Mertens

Fleet360 uses following prevention programmes and technologies to monitor, educate & influence individual drivers:

  • Our DriverCare products can be stand alone, but invariably are taken as a combination of products that allow you to fully understand driver behaviour and the affect on accident rates, damage, insurance, fuel costs and ultimately company profits.
  • Fleet360 CoPilot is a powerful smartphone-based driver scoring solution to enhance behaviour awareness and road safety. This solution transforms mobility data into behaviour intelligence. 
  • eLearning – online training to proactively improve driver behavior. A Custom tailor-made experience ensures that the drivers receive only the training they need at a pace and location that suits them.

The 1:30:300:3000:300000 relationships in the ratio indicate clearly how improper it is to direct the major effort only at the relatively few events resulting in serious or disabling injury when there are so many significant opportunities that provide a much larger basis for more effective control of total accident losses.

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