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Electric vehicles are gradually becoming a reality in the streets. They environmental and financial benefits are becoming a lot clearer as legislation changes to encourage the switch from ICE vehicles. Companies and administrators are ready for change. Previous studies have shown that approximately 65% of drivers can drive on full electric. Do you think your fleet is ready to switch?


Together with our partners, one-stop-shop approach takes you by the hand

Electrified by VOKA SmartHub Technolec UCLL Fleet360

The complementary expertise of the partners of this project has led to this one-stop-shop approach to take companies by the hand. We help you with the assessment in the need for charging infrastructure, we estimate together how many drivers could switch to electric driving based on mobility profiles, what the impact is on the costs for the company; we even assist, where necessary, with internal and external communication.


For the fast decision-makers, and with the support of the Flemish Governments Environment department, a subsidy can cover up to 50% of the cost of the support in this process and 20% of the cost of the first charging infrastructure.

Claim your 50% subsidy

End on 31/12/20. Act now.


Transform your fleet to EV
  • Helping you choose the right vehicles
  • Helping you understand charging infrastructure
  • Highlighting available subsidies
  • Understanding TCO impact
  • Showing you the impact for the driver
  • Helping you to bring it all together
50% OFF

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