EV integration | the one stop solution in cooperation with Chamber of Commerce (VOKA and VOLTA)

Are you ready to include electric cars in your fleet?

EV integration and switching to electric vehicles can be a challenge. The vehicle choice is one main factor, but there is the whole process around electrification that needs consideration. Electric vehicles are gradually becoming a reality in the streets. Moreover, they clearly have environmental and financial benefits. Companies and administrators are ready for change. Previous studies have shown that some 55% of drivers can drive on full electric. You too?

EV integration – help is at hand

Fleet360 have partnered with VOKA, Smart Hub, Technolec and UCLL in Belgium to help companies integrate EV’s into their fleet or switch fully. This new partnership provided all the knowledge and tools you will need when considering a switch to EV:

  • Making the right vehicle choice
  • Establishing the right charging infrastructure
  • Driver analysis to establish who can switch to EV
  • TCO impact for your company and drivers
  • Internal communications and workshops
electrification and future fleets
It’s not if, but when to electrify you fleet

Discounted setup

For the fast decision-makers, a subsidy can cover up to 50% of the cost of the support in this process and 20% of the cost of the first charging infrastructure.* Our new partnership is also able to leverage grants where available to help reduce installation costs.

Contact us for a chat to see how you can electrify your fleet.


Electrified by VOKA SmartHub Technolec UCLL Fleet360

*Offer valid for first 40 candidates if grants are awarded.

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