An intelligent fleet strategy

Large business of today typically operate across many markets. As such, a one market approach operated at the local level is arguably the outdated model. With an intelligent fleet strategy, considerable cost reductions are achievable. With our insights we can show you how to benchmark your supplier setup and internal car policy.

If your fleet is allocated based on a local national policy with local suppliers, then a few changes to your fleet strategy can have a big impact on fleet efficiency. There are many reasons why fleet should be strategically managed centrally. With our insights and data analysis, we typically see fleet costs reduce 15-20%.

The intelligent fleet strategy proposition is leading many companies towards the internationalisation of fleet management. It is a matter of benchmarking your supplier setup and challenging your internal fleet strategy.

This is not to say that fleet consolidation is easy. The common roadblocks cited are the differences in country culture, language, legal and taxation issues. Fleet360 is often tasked with bringing key sponsors to the table and creating the culture that embraces change from the top down. We help facilitate change across all departments and countries to share in the benefits an intelligent fleet strategy can bring.

It is throughout this joined up approach that HR, procurement, facilities or whoever ‘owns’ fleet are brought together to share insights with Fleet360 to ensure the best policy and fleet set-up. Human Resources will typically focus on the employee and their safety and benefits while procurement will take an impartial view when it comes to supplier selection.

We look at the various scenarios of how change will impact on employees and how TCO will change for the company. Clearly, different scenarios have different emotional and financial impacts and we help make sense of the options within the corporate culture of our customers and of cost saving opportunities that the analysis will ultimately present.

fleet360 powertrain insights
Fleet scenarios – An Intelligent fleet strategy

A fleet cost reduction programme should be on your agenda for 2019. With the right insights and information to hand you will be able to demonstrate the potentials to the board. Time to become a fleet hero?

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